Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Walker Art Gallery - Liverpool

I lately visited the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool to have a look at their latest exhibitions which I found extremely helpful to my course especially the exhibition " Bridget Riley Flashback". The exhibition is fairly small but showed her canvases which have an optical illusion style about them which was so helpful for my fashion trend that I was working on at university which was called "Optical illusion" so I used this for inspirational research. It also showed a video of Riley working and it was really interesting listening to her inspirations and style of work and seeing her create her art.

The other exhibition that I looked at was "The rise of Women artists". This was such an interesting exhibition as it showed not only paintings but also ceramics and sculptures that have been made or designed by women over the years and how it is only very recently that women have received the proper status recognition that they deserve. A lot of the pieces in exhibition are old yet there were modern pieces as well which was good as you could see how style has changed.

Within the collection was a Della Robia vase which was beautiful and was in the style of Art Nouveau and one of the finest vases that I have seen. I was interested in this because this was a local company and examples of Della Robia can be seen around Wirral on tiles so it was interesting to get close to the vase to see the detail.

I liked this exhibition because being female myself and being part of the art and design world, it was shocking to see how these women did not receive the recognition for their brilliant work even though the work was equal in standard to male pieces.

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