Friday, 20 November 2009

The thrills of pattern cutting!

Part of my course is to do pattern cutting. It is something that is time consuming, difficult and the most annoying thing in the world. There is nothing worse than having spent hours completing a pattern, cutting out the fabric and finally sewing up that last seam to realise that something has gone drastically wrong and you have to unpick the whole thing and start re-sewing the whole thing! On the other hand, when you have finished and it has totally worked, there's nothing to beat that sense of achievement. However, it is very rare that the entire process goes without one blip and well in my case, several. Here are a few photographs of the things I have made this year.

These are the finished patterns to make a fitted bodice. May look simple, but definitely not as simple as it seems.

After doing this, I pinned the patterns onto the fabric, cut them out and sewed the bodice together.

This is the finished bodice!

This is my finished jersey hood

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