Thursday, 10 December 2009

Garment Technology!

For my garment technology work, I have to do research boards. These are boards of images that are filled with different garment areas such as sleeves, hoods and fitted dresses. These are really time consuming but help with work as during research I can see how garments have been put together. By doing thsi, this helps me with my design work.

Wedding dress Designers!

In the future, I would love to be a bridal designer. Here are a few of the wedding designers and gowns that I love!

I love Vera Wang! Her gowns are just amazing but I don't see them as just dresses but as pieces of art as they are so beautifully made and constructed.

Another designer that I love is Carolina Herrera. I think her designs are so elegant and feminine. I love the way , they are quite plain yet beautiful.

Christmas Sparkles!!!!!

Finally its Christmas time and that means as much sparkle as possible on every piece of clothing!

After looking round the High Street shops, it is all about the glitter again yet with a bit of a twist as now, it is EVERYWHERE! I'm talking on trousers, on tops, on jackets, on desses, you name it and its got sparkle!

Love her or hate her - she makes you look!

Lady Gaga is the latest craze in every way! Her music, her attitude and her infamous wardrobe! Personally, I love the wacky, eye catching things she wears! I wouldnt want to wear them myself however but I love seeing what shes going to wear next! I feel that Lady Gaga embraces what clothes should be about - EXCITEMENT! They should reflect the way that you feel, your attitudes and your personality and lets face it, her clothes give us a pretty good idea of who she is or who she would like us to think she is! Here is a quick recap of some of the outfuts she has worn recently . . . .

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Valentino - an undying Love!

Theres only one way of saying this - I just love Valentino! I feel that his collections just scream out glamour, femininity and romance which is what I think every girl wants to be! One of my aims in life is to own a Valentino couture gown so I have done a touch of research so that what the time happens, I am prepared to say exactly what I wants. So heres a few!

Flat drawings

To go with the illustrations, I also had to do some boards showing flat drawings. These are used to show how the garments would be constructed. I did this on computer which made presentation easier as I could experiment with different positionings and use the colors available on the computer. Here are some examples without the color:

Digital illustrations

For my design devlopment project, we were told to do our illustrations on computer. At first I felt that I would not be able to do this and felt so far out of my comfort zone. However after deciding to face my fear and just do it, I found that it wasnt as bad I thought and I found myself actually enjoying it and becoming more confident with the computer. Here are the illustrations:

I am really pleased with the outcome of designs and feel that I would choose to use this method of illustration again.